Egg Martabak from Strudel leather

·         Materials:

Fringe dough strudel pastry (thick part)
200 ml vegetable cooking oil for soaking dough
200 ml vegetable cooking oil for frying

·         Content:

3 tbsp margarine
2 garlic cloves finely chopped
100 g onion, finely chopped
250 g minced beef, goat, or chicken (choose one according to taste)
Salt, pepper to taste
1/2 tsp flavoring (if like)
2 tsp ground curry seasoning, ready to buy
3 green onion strands, thinly sliced
3 chicken eggs or duck (according to taste)
5 green cayenne pepper, finely sliced (if already spicy)

Another Recipe

Lotus Pastry

·         How to make:

1.    Say that the edge dough strudel pastry becomes a circle of Pingpong ball. Soak in cooking oil for 2 hours. After the use of this soaking oil can be used for other purposes.
2.    Meanwhile, prepare the contents: Heat margarine, sauteed garlic, and onion until fragrant, put the meat chopped, cook until the flesh changes color. Add all ingredients except eggs, sliced onions, and cayenne pepper. Cook until cooked, lift and chill.
3.    Mix the meat with eggs, scallion, and sliced chili pepper, stir. Take a batter of strudel dough, thin it by hand or with the help of rolling pins over marble or kitchen table as thin as possible.
4.    Heat a little oil in a flat frying pan. Stretch the skin into a frying pan and pour it on the dough, folding it like an envelope so the skin dough covers the entire contents. Cook over small fire until both sides are cooked evenly. After a brownish color lift and drain, serve warm.

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