Banana Coffee Cake


For a 22 cm diameter missed pan:
3 large eggs
200 ml of sugar
150 ml of neutral oil
200 ml whole milk
420 ml sifted flour
20 g baking powder
1 large tablespoon of Nescafe
1 large banana, very ripe because well-flavored
unlimited icing sugar
1 knob of butter for the mold


turn on the oven at 200 °
Beat eggs and sugar
add the crushed banana
add the oil, incorporate it well
add whole milk, mix
add the Nescafe, then,
sifted flour and yeast, mix the ingredients well
buttering the pan
pour the preparation into it
bake and lower the oven to 170 ° for 25 to 30 minutes, conventional oven for me, so depending on your ovens, cooking is to be monitored
take out the cake as soon as the point of the knife comes out dry !!!!
Leave 5 minutes in the mold then unmold
let it cool down a little and sprinkle with icing sugar, crisscross or decorate as you wish !!

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