Carrot Cake

·         Ingredients

Number of persons 12
250 g    sugar
5    egg yolks
2 c.s.    very hot water
250 g    carrots, finely grated
250 g    ground almonds
1    organic lemon, grated zest, and juice
2 c.s.    the kirsch
80 g    of flour
2 c.c.    baking powder
5    egg whites
1 pinch    salt
300 g    icing sugar
2 c.s.    kirsch or lemon juice
2 c.s.    of water
12    baby marzipan carrots

·         How it's made:

1.    Cookie dough: work approx. 5 min in a large bowl of sugar, egg yolks, and water with the whisk of the mixer until the mass is frothy.
2.    Add the carrots and all the ingredients to the mass, including kirsch. Mix the flour and the baking powder, incorporate.
3.    Beat the egg whites until stiff with the salt, incorporate into the mass, lifting with a rubber spatula. Fill the mold.
4.    Cooking: approx. 55 min in the lower half of the oven preheated to 180 ° C. Remove, let cool a little, remove the circle from the mold, return to a wire rack, let cool. Place with the grill on baking paper.
5.    Mix icing sugar, kirsch, and water well pour in the center of the cake, tilt to make the glaze run over the top and the edge. Place small marzipan carrots on the still wet frosting, allow to dry

·         Additional Information

Mold: For a hinged mold Ø approx. 24 cm, bottom lined with baking paper
Suggestion: Marzipan carrots: mix 50 g of yellow marzipan and 20 g of red marzipan, shape the carrots, and the tops with a little green marzipan, press on the carrots.
Storage: wrapped in cling film, approx. 1 week in the refrigerator.

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