Grilled apricots, fresh sheep's cheese with tarragon & cashews

200 gr of fresh sheep cheese
3 or 4 tarragon branches (+ or - depending on its strength)
About twenty cashews
8 large apricots (very fleshy and sweet)
Olive oil

Leaf the tarragon. Finely chop and mix with the sheep's cheese. Keep cool.
Roast the cashews until golden, in a frying pan without fat or in the oven, at 150 ° C. Let cool. Coarsely crush them.

Heat a grill. You can also grill apricots on the barbecue.
Wash and dry the apricots. Cut them in half and pit them.
Brush them lightly with olive oil with a brush.
Place them on the grill, cut side down, and let grill for about 3 minutes.

Immediately serve the half-apricots stuffed with a little tarragon ewe's cheese and sprinkled with cashews, accompanied by a cup of Martini Bellini, very fresh, with a few ice cubes (obviously to be eaten in moderation).

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