Moist Carrot Cake Recipe

·         Ingredients

Parts Name: 8for a 22 cm cake:

250 g grated carrots
50 g flour
1 sachet of baking powder (15 g)
2 eggs
130 g almond powder
75 g agave syrup (which you can replace with 100 g sugar)
1 tablespoon of oil
1 pinch of salt
25 g dark chocolate

·         Preparation

1.    Grate the carrots.
2.    Preheat your oven to 200 C.
3.    Combine all the ingredients in a bowl except the dark chocolate. Mix well until you get a homogeneous paste.
4.    Butter a cake pan or use a silicone mold. Place the dough in the mold and bake for 25 to 30 minutes depending on your oven. To test the cooking, you just need to plant a wooden skewer in the center of the cake. If the pick comes out dry, the cake is baked.
5.    For a little more indulgence: Melt the dark chocolate. Then brush the top of the chocolate cake with a brush.

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