Simple carrot cake

·         Ingredients

175 g grated carrots
175 g flour
3 eggs
150 g sugar
75 g olive oil
a teaspoon of cinnamon
a teaspoon of nutmeg

·         option:

50 g grated coconut
50 g raisins

·         Preparation

1.    Beat the eggs and the sugar until you get a creamy mixture after put the oil and beat for 1 minute.
2.    Gradually add the flour, cinnamon, and nutmeg to the mixture, beat until everything is well mixed and add the grated carrots.
3.    Put the mixture in a mold and bake at 190 ° for about 40 min, until the cake is golden brown.

·         Tips

You can eat this cake cold or hot and accompany it with a little whipped cream.

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