The Best Carrot Cake Icing

·         Ingredients for a 24 cm pan

200 g in farina 00
carrot 250 g in the carrot
sugar 200 g of sugar
almond flour 100 g of peeled and finely chopped almonds (alternatively almond flour )
egg 3 eggs
Orange 1 large orange (zest and juice)
oil 150 g of seed oil
sale 1 pinch of salt
yeast 1 sachet of yeast cake
icing sugar to taste vanilla icing sugar to decorate

·         Preparation

We wash the carrots thoroughly and peel them. We put them in a mixer, mince them finely and add the oil. We continue to mix until we obtain a nice smooth and homogeneous carrot cream.
In a bowl, whisk the whole eggs with the sugar at maximum speed for 10 minutes, until the mixture is swollen and frothy.
At this point, add the carrot cream and the grated orange peel to the mixture.
We mix well until the carrots are absorbed. We combine, little by little, the sifted flour, the almond powder.
the yeast, a pinch of salt and mix well. Now add the orange juice.
and mix again. We take a 24 cm diameter cake pan and sprinkle it with seed oil (or butter) and flour.
We pour the mixture and bake at 180 °, ventilated, for 45-50 minutes.
For an even softer cake, we use the Combisteam oven, choosing ventilated + steam cooking and setting the temperature of 180 ° for 45-50 minutes.
Remember that the interior remains damp, so the test toothpick that we will use to evaluate the cooking will never be perfectly dry.
Once cooked, sprinkle our cake with icing sugar and serve.

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