To Die For Carrot Cake with Yogurt Cream

·         Ingredients:

125 gr wheat flour
80 gr almond flour
3 carrots
20 gr coconut oil (also wanting sunflower)
1/2 sachet of cream of tartar
40 gr erythritol or coconut sugar
150 ml of almond milk
vanilla aroma

·         Garnish:

200 gr in yogurt in Soia
20 gr coconut flour

·         How to make :

1.    in a blender, chop the carrots
2.    add all the other ingredients and mix.
3.    grease the opening circle cake tin and then pour the mixture
4.    bake in a static oven at 180 ° C for 45/50 minutes.
5.    once cooled, cut it in half and then fill it with the yogurt cream

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